Iconic Weather

Understand at a glance.

Clear, simple, transparent weather display with gorgeous icons and neon color charts. Detailed conditions and temperature trends for the next 24 hours with forecast overview for 5 days on a single screen.

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Iconic Weather App for iPhone is fully accessible using VoiceOver. Top part presents current conditions and temperature, followed by sunrise and sunset time. Middle part is about the selected day — temperature chart and atmospheric conditions in 3-hour increments. Bottom part describes highs, lows and conditions for 5 days.

Where you are.
Wherever you are.

See the local weather or add any place in the world to your locations. Check the local sunrise and sunset times.

Global weather forecast is provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and is tailored to your specific location. Current conditions are obtained from the nearest observation station, courtesy of World Weather Online.

Weather under your thumb.

Instantly see the weather trends, because all fits on a single screen. And when you want to learn more, the answer is only a swipe away. Just glide your finger over the beautiful, simple icons to quickly reveal details of the upcoming weather. The interface is tuned for single-handed operation. Pull down the top bar to see current conditions in other locations. And release to quickly switch location.

To perform the pull down gesture with VoiceOver enabled, double-tap and hold on top of the screen. As you pull down, VoiceOver announces the location, current temperature and conditions. Alternatively you can switch to other location on the Settings screen.

Make it yours.

Iconic Weather comes dressed in elegant leather brown. And any other color as well. Just bring your own wallpaper and enjoy the transparent weather forecast projected on the image of your choice.

Featured here are some of the beautiful wallpapers by John Carey.